General procurement ensures public procurement, i.e. the selection of a supplier for an order financed by public funds, which will be executed transparently, efficiently and economically.

Public funds are financial resources of the national budget of Slovak Republic or the European Union or the combination thereof.

Procurement provided by Effective management complies with Act No. 25/2006 of Coll. on Public Procurement and follows the methodical guidelines of the Office for Public Procurement of the Slovak Republic and the authorities responsible for respective operational EU funding programs. Within this complementary service we provide electronic auctions for inviting parties, which is one of the ways of purchase, sale and rent of goods or services.

We also offer supplier audit which evaluates the qualification of the supplier concerning the stability of delivery quality. The audit can be a significant factor of influence when selecting a supplier which is why we guarantee detailed preparation, planning and afterwards execution of efficient supplier auditing and external auditing. Auditing also includes risk management enabling the identification of hazards in connection with any activities, functions or processes and thus ensures steady improvement of decision-making.

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