IT & Telco služby

Effective management offers a complex portfolio of services in the area of information technologies and telecommunications. We focus on optimising the telecom costs such voice and data services including devices and software solutions.

Our company’s prior focus is on implementation and management of MS Exchange which covers synchronisation of data, contacts and emails:

  • Securing your domain and your own Internet repository
  • Migration of data from the original server to the exchange server
  • Set up of client’s devices and sync of applications
  • Customer support in the event of a breakdown or an unexpected situation

Services offered in the telecom area:

  • Optimizing the cost of telecommunication services
  • Monitoring and analysing the offers of telecommunication service providers
  • Designing a new solution that takes into account client’s preferences and needs
  • Implementation of solutions and representation in front of the operator
  • Regular and detailed records of the portfolio

Services offered in the IT area:

  • Sale and configuration of telecom technology
  • Managing and projection of computer networks and servers
  • Supply of hardware devices, implementation of software solutions and their consequent management and maintenance
  • Service and sale of computers, notebooks, components and peripherals.
  • Mapping and record keeping of HW, SW and network elements

Our IT & Telco services will not only save the company a significant amount of internal costs, but are also reliable, flexible and solved on high delivery speeds.

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